Relations regarding the admission to state and non-state higher education institutions of the Republic of Armenia (according to the Program for Bachelor's Degree) are regulated by the order of the Government of the Republic of Armenia № 597-N dated 26 April 2012.

Admission to higher education institutions is carried out by the list of professions defined by the Government of the Republic of Armenia (the relating information is posted in the sections of “Applicant” of the sites and

  1. Persons with secondary, primary or secondary vocational education may be admitted to universities without age limitation. The documents are submitted form 5 May to 1 June of the current year.

The documents are accepted from 25 June to 2 July from:

  1. RA dual citizens and foreigners,
  2. The RA Citizens who have graduated from educational institutions of foreign countries in the given academic year,
  3. Applicants discharged from winter conscription of the same year or discharged until 31 July,
  4. Documents of graduates of primary and secondary vocational education institutions for the given year.
  1. The RA Dual Citizens and Foreigners can be admitted to HEIs of RA under the above-mentioned order (on a general basis) or the order on “Admission to Higher Education Institutions of the RA of Foreign Citizens” issued by RA Government Decision №700-N (dated 28 April 2011).
  2. The entrance examinations are unified, centralized and inter-university exams.
  3. The unified exams are conducted in two stages: basic and supplementary.

The admission to HEIs is carried out through state financial support by full or partial refund of tuition fees through educational allowances.

The applicants list the professions in the application form on their choice and any order according to free and paid education systems.

According to the application form, the applicant can participate in up to two free and eight paid professions competition between one or more universities.

The applicants must submit the graduation document (certificate, diploma) by 10 July of the given year.

In case taking the exams with passing grades, the admission is out of competition /free of charge/ on the RA state budget support for:

  1. children of servicemen died in defense of RA,
  2. citizens who became disabled while fulfilling their military duties according to the references issued by the Ministry of Defense, the RA Police and the RA National Security Service.

In case of getting passing grades for paid tuition system, free education system are admitted:

1) the disabled of 1st or 2nd group as well as the disabled since childhood under 18, according to the conclusion issued by the Agency of Medical and Social Expertise,

2) students having been deprived of parental care and having not attained the age of 23.

The applicants, discharged from compulsory military service, having passing grades after the exams

1) are admitted on tuition-free bases, out of general competition (by a separate competition) by professions the seats of which are approved by the RA Government. In case of equal competitive grades, the advantage is given to the students having passed mandatory military service at military units of combat duty and with positive performance feedback.

2) In case of exclusion from the competition for free tuition, applicants participate in paid tuition competition on a general basis․

3) If the applicants have applied to a fee-paid learning system only, they are admitted to the HEI without competition.

The winners of international Olympiads on secondary school subjects, winners of the World and European Championships in various sports, who have applied for the relevant professions in the application form, are admitted to the university without entrance exams on reserve seats allotted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.