To participate in the centralized, inter-university and first-stage joint examination, and to indicate their preferred profession, the applicants must submit an online application to the website of the Assessment and Testing Center from April 15 to May 10, 18:00 pm inclusive.

Applications for admission of people with dual citizenship and foreigners, citizens of the Republic of Armenia who graduated from educational institutions of foreign countries in the current academic year, citizens of the Republic of Armenia who did not submit applications for admission at the first stage, demobilized conscripts or the ones to be demobilized before July 31, are accepted at the second stage - from June 26 to July 1 until 17: 00 pm.

Graduates of general educational institutions of the 2020-2021 academic year must fill in the application form at their educational institution; graduates of previous years and graduates of primary and vocational educational institutions of the 2020-2021 academic year must submit the application form at the place of residence in the designated educational institution (school). For information visit or contact the Education Department of the regional residence (Yerevan Municipality).

The applicants will receive the necessary assistance at schools to fill in the online application form. At school, the applicant will also be provided with a personal number provided by the ATC to each applicant, which is necessary for filling in the online application form on the website according to the approved form. Before filling in the application form, the applicants will transfer 1,500 AMD to the ATC account for each exam, and after filling in the application, they will transmit to the ATC the online receipt for payment of 1,500 AMD transferred to the corresponding ATC account for participation in each exam

After the expiration of the deadline for submitting the application form and the documents, they are not subject to change, and additional documents will not be accepted. The applicant is not permitted to submit more than one application form for admission.

The competition for admission to HEIs is held in two stages: the main and the additional.

The main stage competition is held with an application for one specialty (free and paid).

To participate in the competition for the main stage, the applicant fills in the name of one university and one specialty (education program) in the admissions application form provided by the list of specialties and the entrance exams defined for studying in the given specialty (education program). If the subjects of the joint examinations are separated by the word "or" in the column "Admission Exams" list, the applicant is allowed to choose one of the mentioned entrance exams.

In the competition for the corresponding specialty, defined for free and paid education, the applicant takes part in the amount of positive grades gained in the competitive exams, preserving the hundredth part. The list of applicants admitted to the university is formed in decreasing order of grades gained from the entrance examination subjects defined for the given specialty (educational program). For the specialties that are listed as non-competitive in the list of entrance exams, the applicant will participate in the competition if he or she receives a positive grade in those subjects.

The Republican Admissions Committee approves the results of the main competition by July 18 of the given year.

Additional stage: If there are vacancies in the HEIs after approving the results of the competition of the main stage of the entrance examinations, the applicants with positive score (grades) from the admissions exams, who were left out of the competition, can participate in the competition for vacancies from July 19-26 until 18:00 for a place by filling in an online application form.

The competition of the additional stage is held by submitting application in one or more HEIs with up to six specialties, if the applicant has a positive grade/grades in the subject/subjects of the given specialties, and there are vacancies for the corresponding specialties (free and paid).

The applicant admitted in any of the professions (according to the order of registration) registered in the vacancy application form does not participate in the competition of the next registered professions, and the non-accepted applicant participates in the competitions of the following professions in order.

When conducting the competition of the main and additional stages, preference is given to the applicant with a higher score (grades) of the exam for the given specialty.

The Republican Admissions Committee approves the results of the competition for additional vacancies in HEIs on July 30.

The joint examinations are organized within the period of June 1 to July 10 of the current year.

Inter-university and centralized examinations are organized in a single stage starting from June 26 to July 8 of the current year.