The main objectives of preschool education are:

a) Maintenance and strengthening of the physical, moral and spiritual health of the child,

b) Harmonious development and upbringing of preschool children,

c) Preparation for school education.

Pre-school education is the first level of the continuing education system in the Republic of Armenia. Pre-school education is a comprehensive process which is aimed at:

a) Ensuring the comprehensive development of the preschool child in accordance with his or her disposition, skills, abilities, individual, mental and physical peculiarities;

b) Formation of elementary norms of behavior in preschool children (RA “Law On Preschool Education”, Yerevan, 2005). The State grants the family the key role in the implementation of preschool education programs and undertakes to create conditions for the comprehensive development and care of children in the family.

In support of the family, the State establishes preschool institutions: nurseries (for children from 2-3 years old), kindergartens (for 3-6 years old), nursery-kindergartens (joint).