The Science Committee is a state body functioning within the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia.
The Committee was established by the decree of the RA President NH-231-H of October 1, 2007.

The objectives of the Committee are:

Ensuring the regular activities and progressive development of the science field as an exceptionally important factor for the economic development, security of the country, ensuring competitiveness, education, culture, and social progress.

development and maintenance of scientific and scientific-technical potential, promoting the formation of an effective system for the training of scientific and technical personnel.

promoting integration into science, education, and production.

The tasks of the Committee are:

The development and implementation of State policy in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activities.

Contribute to the development of an advanced scientific and technical staff training system.

Promoting the establishment and development of modern infrastructure and information systems in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activities, integration into the international scientific-technical system.

Development and monitoring of concept papers, strategies, mid-term and long-term programs in the field of science.

Development and implementation of state policy in the field of scientific and technical expertise (hereinafter referred to as expertise).

monitoring the quality and efficiency of science system activities.

Promoting the commercialization of scientific and/or scientific-technical output and investment in the economy.

The functions of the Committee are:

Development of the RA state policy and draft legal acts of the Republic of Armenia in the field of science.

Development of structural reform programs in the field of science;
Development and implementation of scientific and technical programs within the framework of prospective and targeted development of science and interstate development.

Development of programs to improve the structure of scientific and scientific-technical potential and increase the efficiency of its use; conducting studies for the preparation of scientific personnel and submitting proposals on the formation of state order.

Elaborating recommendations on the priorities of science and technology development and submitting them to the Government of the Republic of Armenia for approval as prescribed.

Development of drafts of legal acts in the field of expertise.

Defining the requirements for the expertise organizers and experts.

Elaboration of procedures and standards of state accreditation in the field of expertise.

Development and approval of methodological and organizational-technical bases of state expertise.

Conclusion of international cooperation agreements in the field of expertise.

Participation in the elaboration of the draft state budget of the Republic of Armenia within its competence.

Organization of scientific and scientific-technical activities aimed at the integration of science, education, and production.

participation in the elaboration and discussion of international treaties (agreements) in the field of science in the manner prescribed.

Development and implementation of programs aimed at consolidating the potential of Armenian scientists in the Republic of Armenia and foreign countries.

The introduction of relevant administrative, statistical reports (questionnaires, references, etc.) as prescribed by law and other legal acts, and maintenance of administrative statistical registers in the prescribed manner on the basis of the data and information collected.

Implementation of the budget process in the field of science within its competence.

Organizes the development of military-technical programs, the organization of monitoring and implementation of expertise with the Military-Industrial Committee and relevant state bodies.

Performs data collection on scientific and/or scientific-technical results, geometric analysis, design and operation of a complete data system.

Exercising other powers prescribed by the RA laws and Government decisions.

Chairman of the Science Committee: Hayotsyan Sargis
Address: RA, Yerevan, 22 Orbeli Brothers st.