The main goal of General Education is the comprehensive and harmonious development of mental, spiritual, physical and social abilities of learners and children, formation of proper manners and behavior. (The RA “Law on Education”, Yerevan, 1999)

According to State General Education Curriculum, it is envisaged to implement the 12-year general secondary education in a three-tier secondary school in the following successive levels:

a) Elementary school -4 years (grades 1-4)
b) Middle school- 5 years (grades 5-9)
c) High school- 3 years (grades 10-12)

The transition to a 12-year general education system was launched from the 2006-2007academic year.

The main objective of elementary school is the development of mental, spiritual and physical abilities; language thinking, literacy, basics of logic and primary work skills.The elementary school provides necessary learning conditions and the level required to continue education in middle school.

The main goal of middle school is to provide a level of knowledge about a human, nature and society, their skills and abilities to apply them in life, implementation of a moral and spiritual values, necessary for students to continue their education in high school or vocational institution as well as carry out work activities appropriate to age.

The main goal of high school is to provide students with professional education, knowledge, skills, and capacities necessary for independent life.