The Republic of Armenia declares universal inclusive education as a guarantee of the right to education for every child. The inclusive education policy is aimed at ensuring the accessibility, opportunity equal of participation in and quality of education of every child.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted the Law “On Amendments and Additions to the Law “On General Education” (HO-200-N) adopted on December 1, 2014” which envisages a transition to universal inclusive education in the general education system. According to the law, a universal inclusive education system will be introduced in the Republic by August 1, 2025.

  • education is to ensure maximum participation in the educational process, and outcome set by the state standard of general education by providing necessary conditions and the customized environment in accordance with the specifics of the development of every child, including those with special educational needs.
  • A three-level system for responding to a child’s education needs will be implemented. As a result of law enforcement children with special educational needs will receive pedagogical and psychological support at three levels: public schools, regional and republican pedagogical and psychological support centers.
  • By August 1, 2022, at least four special education institutions in Yerevan and at least one in the regions of Armenia will be reorganized into a regional pedagogical-psychological support center.

If there is no special educational institution in the region, then an organization may reorganize into a pedagogical and psychological support center that has the necessary conditions to provide the service.

Teacher assistant positions will be introduced at state general education institutions, the number of which will be determined by the ratio of 10% of the average annual number of pupils attending the school, according to the order of the Government of Armenia.
A universal inclusive education system will be introduced by August 1, 2025, in accordance with the action plan and schedule approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. (RA Government protocol decision of February 18, 2016, on “Approving the Action Plan and Schedule for the Introduction of Inclusive Education System”).

“The list of measures to ensure the implementation of the HO-200-N law “On Making Amendments and Additions to the Law “On General Education” adopted on December 1, 2014”, was approved by the resolution N108-A of the Prime Minister, adopted on February 17, 2015.

The new system will enable to organize education and upbringing of children with special educational needs, without separating the child from the family, ensuring its comprehensive social development and integrating him or her into a general education institution. It is envisaged to expand the opportunities for high-quality education for children with special educational needs by creating an inclusive education system in all the public schools.