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Sargis Hayotsyan
Chairman of the Science Committee

Science issues

(+374 10) 21-01-40/101/

Chairman of the Supreme Certifying Committee

Issues related to awarding degrees and titles

(+374 11) 27-10-11

President of the Language Committee

Language policy issues

(+374 0) 10 266-860

Armenuhi Poghosyan
Head of the Department for Preliminary (Craftsmanship) and Vocational Education and Training

Issues related to preliminary and vocational education and training

(+374 10) 59-96-22

Tamara Sargsyan
Head of the Department for General Education

Issues related to preschool and secondary education

(+374 10) 59-96-16

Arkadi Papoyan
Head of the Department for Foreign Relations and Diaspora

Interstate agreements, scholarships, Diaspora-related issues

(+374 10) 59-96-44

Astghik Marabyan
Head of the Department for Cultural Heritage and Folk Crafts

Issues related to cultural heritage and folk crafts

(+374 10) 59-96-28

Lilia Nikoyan
Deputy Head of the Department for Modern Art

Issues related to modern art

(+374 10) 59-96-30

Narine Shahbazyan
Head of the Department for Greatest Sporting Achievements Policy

Issues related to greatest sporting achievements

(+374 10) 59-96-32

Robert Stepanyan
Head of Department for Project Development and Monitoring

Issues related to project development and monitoring

(+374 10) 59-96-70


Ashot Arshakyan
Head of the Licensing Department

Issues related to the issuance of educational licenses

(+374 10) 59-96-79

Ruzanna Grigoryan
Head of the HR Management Department

Issues related to the personnel policy

(+374 10) 59-96-58

Hovhannes Gevorgyan
Head of the Legal Department*

Legal issues

(+374 10) 59-96-60 hovhannes.gevorgyan@escs

Karine Manukyan

Head of information Departament

The hotline, reception by the Minister, work with Mass Media

(+374 10) 59-96-69

Ani Tadevosyan
Head of the Finance and Budget Department

Financial issues

(+374 10) 59-96-49

Ara Hakobyan
Head of the Department for Procurement and Accounting

Procurement and accounting Issues

(+374 10) 59-96-54

Armen Avetisyan
Head of Organization and Economic Department

Economic issues

(+374 10) 59-96-63