Museums are key institutions for the preservation, study and dissemination of cultural heritage. Today they are also evolving into essential educational and social platforms, enhancing their role in community development and the formation of a healthy society.

In the field of museums the state cultural policy is aimed at upgrading museum infrastructures and introduction of new models for management; creating favorable conditions for the re-organization of museums as social-educational and tourist areas; ensuring access to all age and social groups; expanding new opportunities for international presentation and cooperation of Armenian culture.

Ministry's target programs in the field of museums include:

  • creation of the legislative framework for museums,
  • Introduction of a new management system,
  • preparing and training of specialists,
  • Improvement of the building conditions of museums and introduction of infrastructures in line with international standards to have comfortable storages; provide workspace for scientific research; have laboratories for the restoration, cleaning, chemical research and disinfection of museum items,
  • Upgrading and replenishment of museums' material and technical base, as well as implementation of modern information technologies,
  • Provision of accessible services in the museums for visitors with special needs
  • Modernization of museum exhibitions and promotion of the use of modern technologies,
  • contribution to the development of Museum tourism.

There are 126 museums operating in the Republic of Armenia, 23 of which are under the Ministry.