Vahram Dumanyan

Dear compatriots, the educational-cultural sector is a milestone on the path of the formation and development of our state. Education, science, culture and sports are priority directions, and the implemented reforms, progress and achievements should make positive changes in the life of every citizen. Only an educated society can join modern developments, withstand new challenges, and have a high level of legal awareness.

Our goal is for every child to fully realize their right to education, acquire comprehensive knowledge, become a law-abiding citizen and a conscious part of society. The state with a viable science and a continuous stream of new discoveries in various fields is confidently on the path of development and creating solid foundations. We are the reliable supporter of our scientists, the strong pillar, and the guarantor of success in science.

One of the priority tasks of the RA ESCS Ministry is to preserve the thousand-year-old Armenian culture, foster the creation of new values, and disseminate them both in Armenia and abroad. The preservation and evaluation of our culture is the duty of every conscientious citizen, and in this regard the state is next to the citizen as the main advocate. Sports is another priority of the Ministry. Our task is to present well-trained and strong athletes at various sports arenas around the world and return with victory, thus popularizing the Republic of Armenia.

Dear citizens, the RA ESCS Ministry with all its staff will diligently and responsibly fulfill its duty in these difficult post-war days, namely: to preserve the strong foundations of the State, to promote the development of cultural and educational life, new achievements and progress in the scientific field, continuous victories in sports.

I serve to the Republic of Armenia