RA Deputy Minister Karen Trchunyan visited the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The Deputy Minister was introduced to the University environment, its activities and toured around the scientific and educational laboratories of the University. Within the scope of the visit, the programs for the prospective development of the University and the issues related to improving the quality of education were discussed. In particular, the parties touched upon the issues of international cooperation and providing accommodations aimed at involving foreign students of different specialties. The importance of using the capabilities of the University, regarding the future of different specialties in Armenia, was highlighted – as to what kind of specialties may emerge or what specialties may get transformed in the future.

State policy making issues regarding the provision of free of charge education; the strategy of training qualified personnel; enhancement of the HEI in the directions of education, science and research were discussed.

In this regard, Deputy Minister K. Trchunyan particularly emphasized the importance of implementing startups: “Every effort must be made to turn innovative knowledge into reality and result.”