RA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Narine Khachaturyan and head of construction companies Norayr Martirosyan signed a memorandum today on the restoration of the roof and the narthex of St. Nshan church in Astvatsinkal monastic complex of Hartavan community, Aragatsotn region.

Deputy Minister Narine Khachaturyan expressed her gratitude to the benefactor for the offer of cooperation and support and highlighted the importance of such activities: “Thank you for cooperation. It is highly important not only to build churches and create new spiritual and cultural values, but also to preserve and restore the existing rich heritage. In this regard, this is a very important and joyful event, which I hope will be a good example. The signing of the memorandum is a nice example of cooperation between the state and the private sector for the benefit of cultural heritage and future. Narine Khachaturyan stated and underlined that the Ministry will monitor the progress of restoration works and will always support it.

N. Martirosyan noted that he was impressed by the quick response of the Ministry to their proposal, which increased his enthusiasm and willingness to complete the work in short terms: “I am grateful to the Ministry for quick response to our proposal and cooperation. This is a very important initiative for me. The development of spiritual culture should be promoted not only by building new churches in crowded cities, but also by restoring our spiritual centers in abandoned places. I think, if you have the opportunity to earn money, you also need to be able to support and invest in important activities. I hope that after the restoration works, this cozy Church will attract many tourists” stated the benefactor, assuring that the work will be carried out at a proper level.

It is envisaged that the restoration works of St. Nshan Church will take 3 years, but according to the parties, the joint efforts will promote to complete the works in a shorter period.