Dear pupils, students, honorable teachers, and lecturers, education officials, parents,

I congratulate all of us on September 1 - Knowledge Day.

The previous academic year was not easy for us: the unexpected challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic have led to new problems with the imperative to find new and urgent solutions. This is the reason why there is no noise and activity of children in schoolyards today, but the epidemic cannot deprive us of the determination to ensure the right to education, and our students will celebrate the symbolic "September 1" in 14 days.

I also want to express my gratitude to all of you, especially to the teachers.

Dear tutors, you are the devoted people who found the strength and energy to work in emergency conditions during the last six months to bring the school year to a successful end. Together, we shall face a difficult path: we must be able to ensure the continuity of the educational process, conduct lessons regularly, and be flexible in terms of changes. I wish the new academic year to be a successful start to victory and return to regular activities

Dear pupils, you are our ally and support. I urge you to adopt a responsible attitude, fulfill all the sanitary-hygienic requirements, by your behavior and willingness to help both the teachers and the senior family members to overcome this challenge that befell our state and to win this battle as soon as possible. After all, the main objective of education is to form a knowledgeable and law-abiding citizen, a patriotic and creative individual.

I urge you to take care not only of yourself but also of your classmates and teachers, to double your efforts to overcome the difficulties and effectively solve problems for the sake of Armenia's future, for the sake of prosperity and safe life for each of us.