The 4-th online workshop on the revision of the state standard of general education and curriculum is being held on June 23-25 within the framework of the EU-funded program “EU4Innovation”.

Welcoming the participants, the RA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Zhanna Andreasyan noted that the process is already in the working stage when a clear idea of state standard and subject curriculum of general education is formed, and professional groups and experts have done a great deal to develop it.

“We can state that the reform of the content of general education is progressing, and we are already considering the issue of developing educational materials for the next stage, which should bring us closer to the formation of the best educational environment. This will allow us to outline the steps to testing stages and specific reform, which is a very important intermediate result ", - stated the Deputy Minister.

Emphasizing that the pandemic is a new challenge for everyone, the Deputy Minister hoped that the distance workshop organized in these conditions will be as effective as a regular face-to-face working discussion.

On behalf of the RA Government and the MoESCS, Zhanna Andreasyan thanked the European Union and the World Bank for the joint implementation of the general education reform program. “Improving education is a public good, and its results will be available to every member of our society,” stated Zh. Andreasyan, wishing the seminar participants effective work.

Local and international experts, specialists, involved in the working groups on the development of new subject curricula, participate in the 4th workshop on the revision of state standard of general education and curricula. The main goal of the workshop is the development of training materials.

Also note that the program is funded by the European Union and is implemented with the support of the World Bank within the framework of the “EU4INNOVATION in Armenia: STEM Pilot Activities” project.