A letter of intent was signed between the RA MoESCS and the UN World Food Program Armenian office on June 12, 2020 on the implementation of the “Sustainable School Feeding” strategic program for the coming five years.

By the agreement signed between the UN World Food Program and the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the “Sustainable School Feeding” program has been implemented in Armenia since 2010 to create a sustainable school feeding system. Within the framework of the national program, food is provided to schools with elementary classes and preparatory groups in all regions of Armenia. As a result of the partnership, elementary school children in all regions of Armenia have been provided with healthy food in the global context of promoting health and reducing poverty, based on the second goal of sustainable development of the UN with the commitment of the Republic of Armenia.

The agreement signed on April 30, 2020 between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the office of the World Food Program in Armenia, determines a broader agenda for increased cooperation for the coming years. Within this framework, the letter of intent signed between RA MoESCS and WFP envisages the establishment of a partnership coordinating body, as well as the development of a roadmap to regulate the scope of cooperation and long-term relationship towards implementing sustainable school feeding in the Republic of Armenia.

Also, a joint annual action plan will be approved. Enhanced cooperation for the coming years includes the organization of local production of healthy food; provision of hot meals for all beneficiary children; renovation and equipment of school kitchens not only for four beneficiaries of WFP, but also in six regions that have already been transferred to the National Program. The development of institutional capacity for sustainable school nutrition and monitoring is planned.