The workshop on revising the education programs and standards of STEM subjects was held on January 21-23. The workshop on “Assessment and Exemplary Samples of Test Assignment” was targeted to assessment issues. The workshop is organized in the frame of the EU funded program in Armenia “EU4 Innovation”.

It should be noted that the state standards for STEM subjects are revised by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports and the World Bank within the framework of the EU funded program: “EU4 Innovation in Armenia”; and the standards for humanitarian subjects are revised by the Center for Education Projects within the frame of the World Bank “Education Improvement” Program’s sub-project “General Education Quality Improvement through the Revision of Curriculum and Standards”.

The standards define the learning objectives as to what skills, capacities, knowledge, attitude, and values should a 12th -grader have when finishing school.

15 specialists were involved in the working group for developing the general education state standard which started operating from July 2019. The draft was ready in September, which was first discussed and amended inside the Ministry. Later on in October, sectoral discussions were held with the aim of making the standard revision process participatory and creating an effective platform for presenting professional stakeholder feedback.

It is intended to change STEM syllabuses for the grades 1-12th; 5-12th grade learning materials, assessment system. New and upgraded approaches to teaching subjects are implemented.