In connection with the introduction of a new standard of general education, a new textbook "Native Language 5" has been developed (Native Language Textbook for 5th grade, A. Galstyan, T. Tovmasyan, Edit Print Publishing House, Yerevan 2023), which has been in use since the 2023-2024 academic year. The aforementioned textbook has already been published and distributed to schools, and its electronic version is also available on the website of the Textbook Revolving Fund and in the Library of Resources of the NCET - With the use of new textbooks, former textbooks are no longer used in schools.

At the same time, we inform that the previous textbook "Native Language 5" was first recommended in 2006, for the second time - in 2011 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia and was periodically republished until 2023, according to the terms of use. On the website of the Textbook Revolving Fund -, electronic versions of the textbooks used in schools are published, in which the cover of the specified textbook is guaranteed by the image of the Armenian tricolour:

The cover of the specified textbook with a different colour image has never been guaranteed for use in schools. The rumours spread on the Internet stating that the Ministry has guaranteed a textbook with the colours of the Azerbaijani flag on the cover are disinformation and have nothing to do with reality.

Dear citizens, we ask and call on you not to be influenced by tricks and inappropriate manipulations. Before disseminating any information or discussing it, it is necessary to verify its authenticity on official platforms.