Dear graduates,

I congratulate you all on this important and significant day. I know you have a lot of questions: you’ve probably found the answers to some of them thanks to the school and your teachers. At the moment you do not have an answer to a large set of questions, and in the next stages of your life, you will try to find these answers, making mistakes and succeeding, being disappointed and inspired, doubting and trusting. It is important that you keep the core axis and values on this interesting and multifaceted path. In whatever field you make efforts, be firm and try to do your best, be caring to society, responsible and demanding to the state, learn to love and forgive, formulate for yourself and keep your principles in uncertain and difficult situations, think about the consequences and impact of your decisions and actions.

Do not be afraid of mistakes: they are inevitable. Perseverance in overcoming difficulties and moving forward will make you stronger, firmer and more mature. You have already got through the pandemic and studied in unusual conditions, lived the days of the war, hosting the children of Nagorno-Karabakh in your classes. You have already seen situations that are similar to books and seem unreal. This experience has taught us all a lot and there is still a lot to be taught. Keep your mind open to constantly learn.

Remember that you are tomorrow's pillar of the state, and from your personal responsibility begins the formation of a developed society, where a person and his happiness, the state and the Motherland are the main values.

Dear graduates, graduation and entrance exams will begin in a few days: ensuring the best results will enable you to follow the path of achieving goals.

I wish you a bright path and great success.

Wishing you all the best.