The regular meeting of the working group on the coordination of Francophonie programs in Armenia was held at the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports.

The Working Group was formed by the order of the ESCS Minister to efficiently organize the collaboration and program initiatives between actors of the Francophonie operating in Armenia in the priority fields of education and culture, as well as in other fields under the coordination of the Ministry. Head of the working group, Deputy ESCS Minister Arthur Martirosyan chaired the meeting.

“Our goal is to hold the Days of Francophonie in Armenia not only through individual structures, but also to come up with a jointly implemented key program, with an action plan developed in advance. The program should provide for the best participation of various institutions,” said the Deputy Minister.

The list of activities dedicated to the International Day of Francophonie presented by RA educational and cultural institutions, as well as the possibilities of holding the two-month Francophone events in a unified format and pooling of resources, were discussed at the session.

Those responsible for the subgroups of higher, vocational and general education and cultural groups of the working group presented the activities carried out in their fields and made proposals. The possibilities of integrating successful events into one program were discussed, as well as ensuring proper access to information about events and establishing entry requirements, emphasizing the importance of stimulating the engagement of the youth from the regions.

As a result of the discussion, the parties decided to launch the Days of Francophonie with an opening ceremony, accompanied by a thematic concert, as well as to hold an EXPO with an educational component.

Cooperation with cultural institutions is planned for holding the events.