RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan and Deputy Minister Arthur Martirosyan received today Vice President and Co-Founder of the “Netcracker Technology” company Michael Feinberg.

General Director of “Enterprise Armenia” company Levon Ohanesyan and CEO of “BostonGene-Armenia” Company Sargis Gevorgyan participated in the meeting.

Minister Vahram Dumanyan welcomed the guest, expressing hope that in the frame of the meeting mutually beneficial and productive cooperation will be developed between the “Netcracker Technology”, and “BostonGene – Armenia” companies, operating in the sector of high technologies, and Armenian higher education institutions.

“We are glad that investment programs and cooperation with the education sector are envisaged. We will spare no efforts to ensure that the projects are successfully implemented,” noted the Minister.

Michael Feinberg said it was his first visit to Yerevan, but he was already impressed: “Armenia is a small country whose main pillars of development are human resources and intellectual potential. We are aware that the Armenian youth is very smart and talented, so we want to cooperate and implement educational programs with scientific and educational centers.”

It should be noted that “Netchacker Technology”, operating in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, has branches in 56 countries around the world. The company plans to establish a research and development company in Armenia. The company plans to found a research and development company in Armenia. “BostonGene” operates in the field of creating biomedical software. The company conducts comprehensive, integrated genomic (WES) and transcriptomic (RNA-seq) testing of tumor microenvironments, which provides physicians with the necessary information to develop an individualized treatment plan.

The company already operates in Armenia and also plans to implement training programs with Armenian higher education institutions.

“We are interested in cooperating with higher education institutions training specialists in medicine, biology and informatics. Young Armenian specialists living in Europe and Russia have already contacted our company and expressed a desire to return to Armenia and join our ranks,” noted Michael Feinberg.

Vahram Dumanyan expressed willingness to continue cooperation and assist the company in establishing ties with Armenian universities and establishing productive cooperation, adding that the sector is quite interesting, and Armenia has great potential for ensuring progress and development.