To promote the development of the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts, a Memorandum of cooperation has been signed today between the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia and the “Aznavour” Foundation.

The document was signed by ESCS Minister Vahram Dumanyan and the Executive Director of the “Aznavour” Foundation Kristina Aznavour. The event was also attended by ESCS Deputy Minister Zhanna Andreasyan.

Welcoming those present, Minister Vahram Dumanyan noted that the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts will be named after the renowned chansonnier Charles Aznavour, who is the pride of the Armenians.

“This is a great idea, which is also obliging for all of us and especially the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts,” stated the Minister underlining that the ESCS Ministry and the “Aznavour” Foundation will jointly contribute to its successful implementation.

In turn, the Executive Director of the “Aznavour” Foundation, Kristina Aznavour, noted that Charles Aznavour had always supported and attached great importance to communication with the younger generation: “I think he would have been pleased for the nomination. This is very important not only regarding preserving the name of Charles Aznavour as a person and an artist but also in terms of sharing his important values. On the part of the foundation, we will spare no effort to make the college worthy of its name. We will invite celebrities who will inspire the youth, and perhaps one day the future generation will give talented young people who will make us feel proud and hold the name of Armenia in high esteem.”

It should be noted that the objective of signing the Memorandum is to expand the opportunities of young people receiving secondary vocational education in the field of culture and promote their further professional activities. The parties aim to contribute to the implementation of strategic development programs of the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts, and its advancement, striving to make it one of the leading educational institutions of the region in the field of art.

According to the Memorandum, the ESCS Ministry is committed to facilitating the process of naming the Yerevan State College of Culture and Arts after Charles Aznavour, to develop and advance the existing state educational standards for secondary vocational education in the field of culture and art, and the relevant curricula. According to the document, the Ministry will assist in organizing joint seminars, meetings, and consultations for the training of professional personnel in the field of culture and art.

The “Aznavour Foundation” is committed to supporting the implementation of training and professional development programs for the teaching staff of the College, as well as the educational and professional advancement of the College students by promoting the organization of masterclasses, seminars, and other forms of courses. The Foundation also undertakes to contribute to the development of Charles Aznavour's art studies to be included in the College curriculum.

The Parties undertake to assist in equipping the material and technical base of the College, improve the building conditions, as well as the organization of the students' professional orientation and career guidance activities. The Memorandum will be valid for 3 years.