With the assistance of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, the "Mandate of the Future" youth NGO, together with the YSU Alumni and Career Center, is implementing the program "Promoting Youth Inclusion through Employment and Participation”

The objective of the program is to neutralize the social isolation of vulnerable young people (displaced people, refugees, socially vulnerable, etc.) by promoting their employment, economic and civic participation.

One of the important phases of the project recently took place within the framework of a three-day seminar in Tsakhkadzor. According to youth expert Tamara Torosyan, all components of the program are important in terms of promoting the career of young people and integration in the labor market: “During these 3 productive days, the youth of Artsakh got acquainted with youth participation and work, which are priorities of the youth policy at the local and international levels. The next two stages will advance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants, which will serve as a good basis for supporting further careers.”

During the seminar, the participants got knowledge on “What is Leadership”, “Youth Participation: Concept and Challenges”, “Youth Work and Engagement” and other interesting topics.