Honorable representatives of dance art, dear national dance figures, I cordially congratulate you on the International Dance Day

Today is a wonderful occasion to once again appreciate the gratitude and merit of the devotees of Armenian dance art, to congratulate and send sincere wishes to all dance figures, dancers, ballet masters and choreographers.

Dance is the sincerest human language that imparts joy and happiness, which can convey the finest outbursts of happiness and sorrow, the human emotional world, becoming a unique bridge between the people of different cultures around the world.

Dance is a beauty that characterizes the person and the entire nation, symbolizing the path they have traveled. It is a power that unites the most cherished and heroic moments.

Dear representatives of dance art, you always stand in the way of the development of the Armenian dance art with your dedication and devoted work, always meeting the expectations of the audience.

I wish you thousands of joyful moments of creative spark and halls full of audience.