Within the framework of the EU-supported “Erasmus+” program implemented in the higher education system of Armenia, the project “Introducing work-based learning (WBL) in higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova for better employability of graduates” (WBL4JOB) is launched.

The aim of the WBL4JOB project is to develop new policy for introduction of work-based learning (WBL), necessary supporting legal framework and a generic, flexible Apprenticeship based High Education Model inspired from European experience.

The kick-off meeting was held remotely on the online platform. RA Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Artur Martirosyan, Rector of UFAR Bertrand Venard, the Coordinator of the “Erasmus+” program National Office in Armenia Lana Karlova, and the representative of the EU Delegation to Armenia delivered welcome speeches during the meeting.

Emphasizing the need of upgrading education models, the Deputy Minister noted that the launch of the program will contribute to the introduction of work-based learning model in the participating countries: “The Ministry, as the authorized body implementing the education policy, attaches importance to the introduction of a work-based learning model also in higher education. The project will provide a new opportunity for university graduates to quickly integrate into the labor market.”

Artur Martirosyan also underlined the importance of cooperation between universities, the private sector and state institutions in the implementation of the program, as well as the involvement of other universities in inter-university cooperation, expressing his determination to promote the WBL4JOB project with the prospect of introducing this experience to other universities in Armenia.

The WBL4JOB project consortium includes 12 organizations, including state and public institutions, higher education institutions from Armenia, Moldova, France, Belgium and Austria:

  • French University in Armenia,
  • Shirak State University,
  • Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia,
  • Union of Banks of Armenia,
  • Trade Cooperative University of Moldova,
  • Alecu Russo Balti State University,
  • Moldinkombank,
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova,
  • Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University,
  • University of Strasbourg,
  • University of Applied Sciences Krems,
  • European University Continuing Education Network.

“Introducing work-based learning (WBL) in higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova for better employability of graduates” (WBL4JOB) project was presented by the French University in Armenia, which was recognized as the winner of the "Erasmus+" program competition and received co-financing (the details of the project is available on the project's website: www.wbl4job.com).

During the online meeting dedicated to the project launch, the participants discussed the methodology of the program implementation, as well as monitoring and accountability of the work-based learning model, emphasizing the importance of best practices of the EU countries in the development of this field in the participating countries

It is expected that the implementation of the project will contribute to the introduction of work-based training programs in the higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova aimed at increasing the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, which will enable the universities and employers to cooperate more efficiently.