RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan received the management staff and a group of members of the Composers Union of Armenia and the Armenian Musical Assembly. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan.

Greeting the participants, V. Dumanyan noted that meetings with the representatives of the cultural sector give positive impulses and are always long-awaited. The Minister then referred to the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the war and expressed confidence that joint efforts can overcome these problems.

“We are going through a rather difficult period - a pandemic, a war, and the consequences arising from them. Today, our people are in need of spiritual and cultural charges. The desire to get out of this situation is not enough - it should be a goal and persistent, consistent steps to achieve results. I am sure that with your help and joint efforts, we can achieve all this," noted V. Dumanyan, and expressed his willingness to find ways to achieve this goal.”

Then the ESCS Minister highlighted the importance of education, including Fine Arts education, from the point of view of national security: “Our security begins with education. Fine Arts education is an integral part of education. We must clearly define our goals and objectives and use the higher path of intelligence to educate and develop our youth. We can only strengthen our security by imparting knowledge and developing individuals with higher mental abilities. And in this regard your support and contribution in that activities are invaluable.”

In response, the composers noted that they had implemented various educational programs in previous years, and are now ready to continue their contribution to these important activities through courses, master classes, meetings and discussions.

A number of issues related to the organization and implementation of anniversary events were also discussed during the meeting.

“This year we are celebrating the anniversaries of the great Armenian composers Arno Babajanyan, Edward Mirzoyan and other renowned people. Despite all the difficulties and problems, we must organize and hold the anniversary events at the proper level. We also expect your professional support in this matter, " underlined the Minister.

Speaking about the re-activation of musical life, Vahram Dumanyan called on those present to visit the border regions, communities and Artsakh. The Minister expressed confidence that now, more than ever, our compatriots living in the border communities need to communicate with culture, and all efforts should be targeted at the re-activation of cultural life and the development of art education in the regional communities. The head of the Ministry recommended starting the activities in this direction, forming a clear schedule and corresponding programs.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan touched upon important, strategic issues of the field, namely: decentralization of culture, Fine Arts education, artist-employer generation change in creative groups, and other professional tasks.

The management staff and members of the Composers Union of Armenia and the Armenian Musical Assembly briefly presented the implemented and upcoming projects. They also talked about the current issues and suggested solutions in this direction.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the Armenian Musical Assembly Levon Chaushyan gave the Minister a collection of records of “Contemporary Armenian Composers", published by their organization with the assistance of the RA ESCS Ministry, which comprises the works of Yervand Yerkanyan symphony orchestra, Levon Chaushyan chamber and symphony orchestra, Martin Vardazaryan pop and film, chamber works by Vahram Babayan, chamber, choral and jazz works by Konstantin Petrosyan, chamber and symphonic works by Suren Zakaryan, choral works by Armenuhi Karapetyan.