The 5th International Olympiad of Metropolises was held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, which, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was organized remotely. The Olympiad covered four disciplines: Mathematics, Informatics, Physics and Chemistry.

The Yerevan team once again registered high results: in the individual competition, our schoolchildren won 4 silver and 1 bronze medal; in the team competition they were awarded the cup of the 2nd category; and in the blitz round they won an incentive Cup.

The Yerevan team was represented by the schoolchildren of A. Shahinyan Physics and Mathematics Specialized School (5 schoolchildren), the “Quantum” College (2 schoolchildren) and “Heratsi” High School (1 schoolchild).

224 schoolchildren from 31 metropolises participated in the online Olympiad. The schoolchildren of Physics and Mathematics Specialized School after A. Shahinyan: Mher Karagulyan (Mathematics), Artashes Gyoletsyan (Physics), Emil Kostanyan (Informatics), and Aleksander Abelyan(Informatics) from “Quantum” College won a silver medal. Leonid Asatryan from “Quantum” College won a bronze medal in Chemistry.

It should be noted that before the international review, the Olympiad, according to the subjects, was also held in Yerevan. The Mathematics Olympiad was held at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Armenian State Pedagogical University (supervisor: G. Asatryan), the Physics Olympiad was held at Physics and Mathematics Specialized School after A. Shahinyan (supervisor: B. Kurghinyan), Informatics was held at “Quantum” College (supervisor: A. Andreasyan), Chemistry - at the Faculty of Chemistry of Yerevan State University (supervisor: A. Davinyan). The organization of the Olympiad was coordinated by Davit Minasyan - IT Coordinator of Physics and Mathematics Specialized School after A. Shahinyan

It should be reminded that at the same Olympiad in 2019 the team of Yerevan won 4 silver and 3 bronze medals, and in the team competition won the Cup of the 3rd category.

In 2018, our schoolchildren returned from the Olympiad of Metropolises with 3 silver and 5 bronze medals, and won the Cup of the 2nd category in the team contest.