The war unleashed by Azerbaijan first of all endangers the child’s right to life: the lives of children are targeted. One child was killed, as well as several were severely injured in the territory of Armenia. Аs of October 15, 2020, a 9 year-old girl was killed in her community in the Republic of Artsakh. Her 2 year-old brother was injured as a result of shelling of Martuni city.

Due to heavy shelling in Martakert city of Artsakh Republic, a 13 year-old boy was injured by drone strike while leaving his house, and remained in coma for 5 days. The drone hit the car causing severe injuries to all family members. Another 14 year-old boy was injured by drone strike on October 14, 2020.

At risk is the right to education as well. Since September 27, 2020, all educational institutions in Artsakh are closed for an unknown period. Over 24,000 children in Artsakh do not attend school with no opportunity to exercise their right to education.

Due to the war, in addition to 24,000 students from Artsakh Republic, a total of 10,815 children from 119 communities of Armenian-Azerbaijani borderline in Armenia are deprived of regular schooling.

For security considerations, public schools in these communities, as well as vocational and technical educational institutions switched to distance education mode. In the same communities thousands of kids are unable to attend kindergartens.