Dear Teacher,

On these fateful days for our nation on the way to victory, I congratulate you on this holiday and wish you longevity, unwavering faith, and optimism.

On the border, the generation brought up by you, fights bravely and fearlessly, deeply recognizing and feeling patriotism, devotedly loving and heroically defending his Homeland. You are the one, who instilled this love and devotion, you have created an unwavering spirit of struggle into them. And thus, bowing to your merits, glory to our soldiers! When the rear is strong with education and culture, the struggle at the frontline is persistent and victorious. Dear teachers, you are fortunate enough to bring up the children of the nation that carries the spirit of the centuries, the will, and the dream of the future. Never cease opening the magic doors of dreaming for an Armenian child. This dream keeps him strong on the border today.

Your title is irreplaceable, and your job is complex and responsible. You were not afraid in the conditions of the pandemic and spared no effort to ensure the continuity of education, studying hard and initiating yourself. And today you are accomplishing your job, facing double challenges, transmitting not only knowledge but also strong will, perseverance and optimism. So let it be crowned today with the victory of a soldier standing on the border to commemorate this important holiday.

I am grateful that these days entering the classroom you find the strength to teach children lessons of bright faith, patriotism and courage for the future, when your sons, brothers and husbands are fighting at the frontline...

Long live the teacher, keeping the rear!

Glory to the soldier fighting on the border!