The package of strengthening, renovation, restoration, compilation of scientific-planning documents and expertise of a number of cultural structures, proposed by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, was approved at today's session of the Executive within the framework of this year's capital programs of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. For this purpose, reallocation was made in the budget expenditures of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia for 2020 and about 422 million drams were allocated from the saved funds for the renovation of a number of monuments. Minister Arayik Harutyunyan presented the list of monuments included in the package and the planned works.

Shirak Region, RA

  • Study and strengthening of Marmashen Monastery complex in the community of Vahramaberd,
  • Strengthening of Yereruyk temple and the small mausoleum,
  • Restoration of the House of Culture in Anipemza and creation of a small museum,
  • Reinforcement, renovation and restoration of Saint Hripsime church in the community of Horom.

Vayots Dzor Region, RA

  • Strengthening and partial restoration of Shativank monastery complex, and improvement of the territory.

Aragatsotn Region, RA

  • Strengthening of the early Bronze Age dwellings of the ancient Agarak site, the medieval complex and the fence.

Ararat Region, RA

  • Strengthening and partial restoration of Artashat townsite bath in Lusararat community,
  • Reinforcement, renovation and partial improvement of the residential part (house) of Dvin ancient site of Hnaberd community.

Lori Region, RA

  • Renovation of the chapel (roof) near the main church of Kobayravank complex in the community of Tumanyan

Kotayk Region, RA

  • Strengthening of Tezharuyk monastic complex and improvement of the territory in the community of Meghradzor,
  • Restoration of Charentsavan community's "Road Builders" statue,
  • Restoration of the statue of “Ardzaganq” in Byureghavan community,
  • Making of the Statue of the “Walking Man” and installing it in the North Avenue, in the center of Yerevan in memory of the world-famous sculptor Arto Chakmakchyan.
  • Restoration of the sculpture of “Loretsi Sako”, which will be installed in the village of Dsegh, Lori region, RA, it is also planned to improve the territory.
  • It was decided to allow the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports to apply the agreements signed in 2019 for the implementation of strengthening, renovation and restoration of St. Grigor Monastery in Dsegh, Bardzrakash; St. Amenaprkich Church of Sanahin Monastery Complex in Alaverdy; Saint Hripsime Church in Horom, within the framework of the “Cultural Heritage” Program of the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia for 2020. The deadlines for the implementation of works and services have been extended until December 25, 2020․