In collaboration with Ucom and “Rostelecom” mobile network operators, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports is launching new TV applications for distance education.

  • From this point forward, the video classes delivered by the MoESCS, classified by grade, date and subject will be posted in the distance learning section of Ucom and TV (VoD). All Ucom and TV subscribers, regardless of the tariff plan, will be able to watch videos from the distance learning section in the video rental department at no extra charge.
  • The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of Armenia in cooperation with the “HYBRID SOLUTIONS” Rostelecom Company presents the new educational channel “Hybrid Edu” (ch121), which will be broadcasted via the company’s “Smart” TV. The Hybrid Edu television program includes videos on a number of public school subjects which will be available with a 7-day catch-up function. The video lessons are regularly updated and uploaded to the YouTube armeduchannel. The video lessons will also be available in the MoESCS subsections of the Series section in the Smart TV film library. Rostelecom Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan stated that “Rostelecom” with its technological capacity is fully prepared for providing any type of online service which is used in education and other sectors.
  • The RA MoESCS also launched a distance learning resource platform, with links to distance learning tools. The daily schedule is released in advance on the official Facebook page of the RA MoESCS, which is also available on the above-mentioned TV applications.
  • The RA MoESCS emphasizes the social responsibility of leading companies and calls on everyone to provide distance learning tools - video communications, social networking platforms, e-mails, television broadcasts, etc., to make the process more efficient.