Considering the need for prevention of coronavirus and based on the current situation, the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports launches a distance learning platform - to organize the process of online learning in secondary schools.

The platform was developed by the National Center for Educational Technologies of the MoESCS and is now available. To discuss the issues of effective organization of distance learning, the Deputy Minister Zhanna Andreasyan convened a working meeting with the representatives of educational institutions and platforms, with experience in organizing distance learning.

The Deputy Minister noted that it is necessary to plan the work on the organization of the educational process, integrating the available alternatives and opportunities. This year, the Ministry piloted the implementation of distance learning in two schools, and now all schools will be involved in the process.

“We have a sufficient number of resources and tools to organize distance learning. There are schools with successful practice in the field of distance learning, and we asked to share their experience, as well as to combine the existing potential in this field to make distance education effective, open and accessible for everyone,” noted Zh. Andreasyan.

According to the Deputy Minister, over the past two days, preparatory work has been carried out at the National Center for Educational Technologies and the integrated distance learning page has already been launched.

The unified platform created by the National Center for Educational Technologies will also feature the distance learning platforms of all the organizations that are ready to collaborate with the Ministry by providing their resources and skills.

It was also stated that it is necessary to preserve the rules of the order of the RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports № 1677-A/2, December 17, 2018, on “Ensuring the Safety of Children on the Internet: A Guide for Children" and "Ensuring the Safety of Children on the Internet: A Guide for Parents”, which can be found at

For technical support and other issues related to the operation of the distance learning platform, you can contact the quick response group at the National Center for Educational Technologies by the following phones and e-mail: 010/011/578455, 010/011/578453,

In the near future, all the schools will be provided with contacts of mentor-teachers who have training in ICT. They will hold online training and provide technical support and guidance for teachers.