The RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports will summarize the results of the “Universal School Science Festival” on March 21. For the first time, 63 students from 13 schools in Yerevan, Syunik and Shirak marzes under the leadership of 20 teachers, will participate in the festival. The science festival, where the students presented their works, will conclude with an event at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The festival aims to instill interest among the school-age youth in team work in research and development, implementation of innovative projects, and to develop their presentation skills. Thirty applications for chemistry, physics, and biology were submitted to the Universal School Science Festival. "Universal School Science Festival" is held with the support of the organization of "Arpa".

During the academic year, individual or research groups (up to 3 students), with the support of a supervisor and consultant, conducted research projects to participate in the "Universal School Science Festival", the results of which will be presented at the final stage of the festival. At the final stage, research projects presented by students will be evaluated by a professional commission. Participants who overcome this stage will present their projects at the International Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held in May 2020 in the United States, with a prize fund of $ 5 million.