A multimedia laboratory was established at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan to develop and improve the practical skills of future teachers; and 2 research auditoriums were equipped with appropriate furniture and professional software. Innostud.am e-learning platform has also been developed with a virtual library.

This modern infrastructure was created with the co-funding of the World Bank under the second (additional) cycle of the Competitive Innovation Fund of the “Education Improvement” Project PIU.

Within the implementation of “Modernization of Preschool and Elementary Education through Training of Professionals According to the Contemporary Demands” program, lecturers have been trained, research components for bachelor's and master's degree programs have been modified, descriptions of methodologies, professional courses, information technology subjects have been revised.

Representatives from the RA MoESCS and “Center for Education Projects” PIU; ASPU lecturers and students participated in the opening ceremony of the multimedia laboratory.

"This unique laboratory will enable students at universities and other educational institutions to acquire specialized knowledge, experience in preschool and elementary pedagogy. We are confident that the next indicator of the work effectiveness will be the training of new specialists with specialized knowledge in the field. The program provides a wide range of opportunities to use the electronic component, creating strong networking between the university and the schools,” stated ASPU Rector R. Mirzakhanyan.

Electronic educational materials of different teachers are presented in the educational platform Innostud.am for preschool and elementary school children. Corresponding educational content was created for the best use of the opportunities of the new laboratory in the educational process. The university has the procedures for operating the laboratory. The creation of the laboratory ensures the implementation of the main objective of the project, namely, using innovative practical and research skills and competencies to train competitive personnel in accordance with European standards in the field of preschool and elementary pedagogy.