With the support of the RA MoESCS, on the initiative of Mughdusyan Art Center, the "Traditional Games" educational and cultural program is implemented, whereby children get acquainted with national rituals and holidays through interactive performances. On January 27, an interactive performance dedicated to “Barekendan” was staged at Mugdusyan Art Center.

During the event, the 5th-grade students of N. Aghbalyan secondary school got acquainted with the notion of “Barekendan” holiday, sang, solved riddles, played like in ancient times and tasted halva from the festive treats.

Within the frame of the “Traditional Games” cultural educational program, aimed at safeguarding and transmission of intangible cultural heritage, events dedicated to Trndez, St. Sargis, Lent, Palm Sunday and Easter will also be organized.

The “Traditional Games" program was launched from October, during which the artistic team of Mughdusyan Art Center, the artists Naira Mughdusyan, Ani Amseyan, and Hakob Mazlumyan were trained to develop scenarios for the organization of performances, participating in the training course of national master Lala Mneyan.

Mughdusyan Art Center has already hosted about 250 children; another 180 will participate in the upcoming performances. The entrance to the performances is free with pre-registration.