16 architect-students from different international universities are participating in the three-week workshop organized by the German Academy for Architectural Culture in Hamburg these days. Among the participants are four students of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia.

The students are working in the studios of the German Academy for Architectural Culture in Hamburg. The course is conducted in the format of four working groups. Each group includes one student from the Republic of Armenia.

The student workshop in Hamburg is the continuation of the workshop that commenced in Yerevan, focused on designing new solutions for Hayfilm, including classroom-based and practical work. It aims to generate ideas, develop a concept, and formulate the latter to create architectural sketches.

The German Academy for Architectural Culture reflected on their visit to Armenia, during which the workshop “City of Dreams: New Solutions for Hayfilm” was held: “Inspired by these studies, we asked the participants to express their individual design ideas, guided by the question “What would you like people to remember about the City for dreams in the future?” Images created by Leon Kremer, Lucy Millichamp, Qixuan Hu, Katarina Nissing, Marah Doleh, and Melania Hakobyan from one of the groups show some of the results," stated the academy.

It should also be noted, that the professors of the Academy of Architectural Culture, GMP partners and invited internationally famous architects are having meetings with the students, discussing their proposals related to the design. The workshop is scheduled to conclude on March 22.