Member of the Armenian national weightlifting team Gor Sahakyan (67 kg) clinched the gold in the European Weightlifting Championships with a total result of 320 kg (145+175 kg). The Armenian weightlifter was the strongest in both snatch and clean & jerk events, winning two small gold medals. Thus, Armenia won the first gold medals at the Championship held in Yerevan.

In the snatch, Sahakyan successfully completed the first two approaches, holding a 140 kg and 145 kg barbells over his head. The third approach, for which Sahakyan ordered 147kg and could have set a record, failed to complete. In the clean and jerk, after two successful approaches, Sahakyan held 170 and 175 barbells surpassing his competitors. Gor refused the third approach.

The representative of Spain, Juan Hernandez won the silver medal in this weight class with a score of 305 kg, Turkey's representative Kaan Kahriman finished in the top three with a score of 301 kg.

The member of the Armenian women's national weightlifting team, Izabella Yaylyan (55 kg), won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Yerevan yesterday with a score of 196 kg in the two events (87+109 kg). The Armenian athlete also won small bronze medals in the snatch and clean and jerk exercises.

Today, on April 18, only Anush Arshakyan from Armenian representatives will take the stage, performing in the 64 kg category of women's B- subgroup. The start of the competition is at 11:30.