Today marks the 85th anniversary of the People's Artist of the Armenian SSR, “Movses Khorenatsi” medalist, a devotee of dance art Suren Chanchuryan.

Suren Chanchuryan was a figure who devoted his entire conscious life to choreography and, in fact, linked his name with the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia with inseparable ties, making it a kind of a symbol for the ensemble.

“One thing I know: first you need to dance the soul, then the flight of the soul will turn into movement and move to the body. If, during the dance, you think about how to dance, you are a bad dancer, if you think about what to dance, then you will succeed. Dance is a means of self-expression, a spiritual space, and a way of communicating with the audience and the world. During the dance, the blood of your people, the genetic memory of your ancestors, and pride in being and remaining an Armenian should flow in your veins.”

These words of Suren Chanchuryan have become a landmark for his students, who successfully presented the Armenian dance on the stages of many countries of the world, receiving the admiration of the audience everywhere.

Suren Chanchuryan will remain in the memory of dance lovers as a person with an exceptional will, a unique leader of a creative team, an outstanding teacher, partner and personality.