The Armenian men's chess team took the second place at the 44th World Olympiad in India.

In the last 11th round, the Armenian national team defeated Spain with a score of 2.5:1.5. Grandmaster Gabriel Sargsyan awarded the winning point to the Armenian national team, gaining an advantage over Alexey Shirov with white pieces. Robert Hovhannisyan, Manuel Petrosyan and Hrant Melkumyan tied their matches.

The Armenian national team scored 19 points. The national team of Uzbekistan won the title of champion with the same number of points, but with additional indicators. India's second team with 18 points filled the top three.

In previous rounds, the Armenian team beat Madagascar (4:0), Andorra (3:1), Egypt (2.5:1.5), Austria (3:1), England (2.5:1.5), India's second team (2.5:1.5), the main team (2.5:1.5) and Azerbaijan, played a draw with the USA, and lost only to Uzbekistan.

For the first time, the Armenian national team performed led by Arman Pashikyan.

The Armenian women's national team defeated Croatia in the last round with a score of 2.5:1.5. Lilit Mkrtchyan and Anna Sargsyan ended their matches with victory, Susanna Gaboyan drew, and Mariam Mkrtchyan lost.

In the final outcome, the Armenian women's national team led by Zaven Andriasyan took 11th place with 16 points.

The Armenian national teams will return to Yerevan on August 10 at 16:30 on the Sharjah-Yerevan flight