Dear teachers,

I congratulate you on Teacher’s Day with warmth and gratitude. This holiday is designed to give special importance and emphasize your decisive role and responsibility both in the formation of a comprehensively developed, patriotic individual and a society endowed with high qualities.

Teacher's Day is not limited to this holiday: it starts every morning with the classroom and the school bench. The reward of your work is the future, the realization of the vision of a sustainable and secure State, the prosperity of the Motherland.

I am grateful to you for your hard and at the same time honorable work. The foundation of the State is stronger with you. You determine our tomorrow. It was the generation you brought up, that didn’t surrender and selflessly defended the Motherland, preserving the patriotic spirit for 44 days.

Dear teachers, I want you to be sure that the State is by your side, your supporter, and the current reforms are aimed at advancing your working activities and the environment with the appreciation you deserve.

I wish each of you prosperity, welfare, self-reliance in work, much strength and vigor. Our will is strong, there is a lot of work to be done.

May God bless all of us….