In the field of Dance Art the main objectives of the State policy are the development and popularization of folk dance, organization of new dance performances, enhancing the quality of cultural services, discovering the potential of creative youth and fostering creative processes; the re-evaluation and presentation of the Armenian national dance; presentation of Armenian dance arts to international projects; increase public interest in Armenian dance art through the creation of new dance programs.

The objectives of the program are:

  • realization of classical, modern ballet performances, ethnographic and folk dance performances,
  • promotion of the activities of organizations operating in the field of dance,
  • presentation of Armenian dance art to the international community,
  • ensuring the competitiveness of Armenian dance art,
  • making prerequisites for natural change of generation.

Three SNCOs operate in the sector, each of which has its own genre orientation.

In particular։

  • “The State Ensemble of Dance of Armenia” SNCO excellently performs the presentation of various stages of development of Armenian folk dance.
  • "Armenian State Honored Ensemble of Song and Dance after Tatul Altounian" SNCO performs the function of preserving and presenting Armenian national song and music, dance, folk traditions, rituals and other cultural manifestations.
  • “Barekamutyun” Armenia State Dance Troupe” SNCO ensures the permanent development of dance art by using and processing contemporary dancing elements from different people.

In addition to these organizations, the state cultural policy in the field is implemented in cooperation with other state-owned, community-based, non-governmental organizations and individuals to create favorable conditions for organizations operating in different regions of Armenia, which organize multifaceted and multidisciplinary concerts and contribute to the maximum public involvement.

Professional and amateur dance groups in Armenia perform in classical, modern, ethnographic and folk dance genres.

Classical ballet performances are mainly staged at Al. Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre under the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.

The number of amateur dance groups, dance studios and private schools has increased dramatically in Armenia in recent years. The interest in dance art is encouraging, however, the situation requires thinking about professional dance. In this regard Yerevan State Choreographic College, the Department of Ballet Masters of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography and the Faculty of Culture of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan is doing a great job.

Closely collaborating with specialized organizations of the field, the Ministry holds a number of festivals, competitions, and auditions on different headings, nominations and genres, the main objective of which is to introduce the palette of Armenian and world cultural life.

Masterclasses are organized by leading specialist dance instructors from abroad to introduce new teaching methods and techniques and improve the quality of performance.

With the support of the Ministry and professional selection, the best individual performers take part in international competitions, festivals and masterclasses held abroad.

The folk and ethnographic dance ensembles in Armenia have one important creative task: to preserve the Armenian national dance, giving it a new contemporary approach.

In this respect, the Ministry’s policy is targeted at preserving Armenian professional dance and ethno-dance art, unique examples of Armenian rituals and videos that have been preserved to present, the collection of Armenian dance literature, increasing the quality of knowledge and preferences of the dance performer, restoring the tradition of full or partial display of Armenian rituals.

As a result of the policy implemented by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport in the field of dance art it is expected:

  • Preservation, development and popularization of national and universal spiritual and cultural values
  • Providing cultural output tailored to the needs of different strata of society and age groups
  • Balanced cultural development
  • Through the aesthetic educational component of concert programs to educate an audience with high standards of taste
  • The economic growth of concert organizations

Currently Armenia is one of the regional leaders in terms of quantity, quality, consumption of concert programs, extensive touring activities, as well as the overall level of audience preparedness and preferences due to the preservation of the best traditions in the field of dance art and the reforms implemented and the consistency of cultural policy implemented in the field.