In the academic year for 2020-2021, 95 graduates of general educational institutions of the Republic of Armenia (of 192 applicants) were awarded a Medal of excellence.

Today, RA Acting Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan and Deputy Minister Zhanna Andreasyan awarded the medal-winning graduates at the Moscow Cultural and Business Center "House of Moscow". The event was also attended by the graduates who were awarded the Medal of Excellence for 2019-2020 academic year, and for whom the medal awarding ceremony was not organized last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcoming and congratulating the medalists, the RA ESCS Acting Minister expressed confidence that their student years will be full of achievements: “ We are honored to grant you with these medals, which you have deserved by studying excellently. You have completed an important stage of your life, starting another important phase, which I am sure you will also pass with honor You are the wealth and the real owners of our country I wish that your best expectations for the future of our country become a reality. I am sending my special congratulations and gratitude to your teachers. It would have been impossible to achieve such an outcome without their dedication and daily work. I bow to all our teachers. I want them to always see the achievements of their students, and we must make every necessary effort so that the teacher is always highly esteemed and the teacher's position becomes a supreme, and somehow difficult to access.

ESCS Deputy Minister Zhanna Andreasyan also expressed confidence that the achievements of the medalist graduates will be long-lasting: “Dear alumni, congratulations on this great achievement! The last academic years have passed in rather tough conditions. I am very glad that, despite all the challenges, you were able to complete the important task you have commenced. I am sure that all of you will achieve great success and will succeed in the stage of professional education We will do our best to contribute to achieving greater success in the next stages of your life.

Four of the graduates who received medals of excellence last year were participating in the award ceremony as soldiers. Vahram Dumanyan invited them to the stage to express his special gratitude: “We are proud of all of you, but these guys deserve special appreciation. You are our pride. I wish you a peaceful military service and wellbeing. We are always there for you

At the end of the awarding ceremony, ESCS Аcting Minister Vahram Dumanyan answered the questions of the participants, which mainly referred to the reforms in the field of education, the introduction of new professions in universities.

Educational reforms are of strategic importance to us, but we must understand that the outcomes of today's changes will be visible in the future. This is a long-lasting process. The field of education is a very sensitive system, where one mustn’t act hastily and conduct various experiments,” noted Vahram Dumanyan and assured that the Мinistry is doing everything to best provide efficient and targeted solutions to the issues.