The admission of the first graders of the 2021-22 academic year, in the RA state secondary schools, that are not the only ones in the given settlement, will again be organized through the online system.

1st stage

On May 3, starting at 9:00 am, parents must visit the website and check the availability and accuracy of their personal data. There are two fields on the website where the parent’s and the child’s social service number must be filled. If a parent has entered the social service number and received a reply saying "The system did not detect the parent-child relation" (which should have been automatically retrieved from the Civil Status Acts Registration Agency database), the parent will be prompted to click the appropriate button on the website and send the data to Civil Status Acts Registration Agency for digitalization.

2nd stage

From June 1, starting at 9:00 am, the registration will be launched on the website, according to the defined priority.

The registration will be open for the following applicants in the period from June 1-10:

  • One of the parents of the first-grader is an employee of the corresponding school
  • The first-grader has a sibling already attending the same school

3rd stage

Those who do not meet the above mentioned two points will be able to register from June 11, 9:00 am. The online system does not allow registration in the relevant school after the expiration of the places established by the license. At the same time, the citizen can use the system to edit his/her application by changing the chosen school and registering into another secondary school. From June 11, the system will be open throughout the academic year.

What to do if you are abroad

Every parent from anywhere in the world can register his/her child with the online system in general schools to attend the first class. The system provides equal starting conditions for everyone.

If you have the necessary documents, you can also register from abroad, and if you have a problem with obtaining certain documents, in particular, the social service number, then the process can be organized by letter of attorney with notarized copies of your passport and birth certificate. For foreign citizens and their children residing in Armenia, the social service number is also mandatory: it is provided after registration in the passport divisions.