RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan and Deputy Minister Karen Giloyan received wrestlers Arsen Harutyunyan, Vazgen Tevanyan, their coaches and representatives of the Armenian Wrestling Federation. Minister Vahram Dumanyan, congratulating the wrestlers on winning the championship at the ranking tournament in Budapest and winning a ticket to the Olympic Games, thanked everyone for causing the feeling of pride and inspiration.

We present to the world in many sectors, among which sport is special. Our country has the potential to best perform in world sports, and your recent victories are evidence to it. I assure you that the Ministry will constantly support and encourage you. I wish you strength, vigor and permanent victories. I am sure that we will have the opportunity to meet on the occasion of greater achievements," noted Minister V. Dumanyan, underlining that the ESCS Ministry is always willing to listen to the proposals and observations of the representatives of the sports world.

Deputy ESCS Minister Karen Giloyan emphasized the importance of the fact that Arsen Harutyunyan’s and Vazgen Tevanyan’s recent success is not incidental, but that of a hard and purposeful work. The wrestlers thanked for the reception and assured that they would do everything possible to hold the sports honor of Armenia at high levels: “It is commendable that you have defeated the title rivals, thus proving that you are a contender for the Olympic Games, if not a champion, then a medalist. If you perform with the same attitude and balance in summer, then we will have new Olympic champions. It is gratifying that your victories are not one-time incidents, but the result of consistent work, for which I am grateful to the coaching staff of the national team. At the same time, I want to ask you not to break away from reality and focus on preparing for the Olympic Games in the best possible way, and the Ministry will solve all the issues arising along the way.”

During the meeting, ESCS Minister Vahram Dumanyan inquired from the participants about the progress of training, the preparatory programs of the Olympic Games and the existing issues. Chair of the Armenian Wrestling Federation Robert Khachatryan expressed his gratitude for the quick response to all the issues, the suggestion of solutions and said that everything is going according to the plan. The Federation plans to hold a two-week training camp in a country that will be similar to Tokyo in terms of time zone and climate before the Olympic Games, as a result of which the wrestlers will not spend time and effort to get adapted to the new conditions. It was noted that there is already a preliminary agreement with the Russian team on holding a joint training camp.

Head coach of the Armenian national freestyle wrestling team Habetnak Kurghinyan noted that the national team will continue to work consistently and will spare no effort to raise our tricolor on international platforms: “The passing year was very difficult in all respects, but Arsen and Vazgen proved that they really strive for victory to make our nation happy. We assure that we won’t deviate from the path.”