In 2020, the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports provided about 26,460 books within the framework of the budget program of providing textbooks and other educational literature to the education centers of the Armenian Diaspora.

The books were provided to 30 schools from 11 diaspora countries. According to the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia, 13,290 textbooks and methodological literature were delivered to public schools of Georgia with instruction in the Armenian language.

8055 books were delivered to Russia, 430 to Germany, 955 to the USA, 600 to Spain, 215 to France, 624 to Israel, 180 to Austria, 80 to Ireland, 213 to Poland, 690 to Ukraine. The demand for textbooks on the native language, Armenian Language and Literature for grades 1-7 has been fully met.

The support will be ongoing: in 2021, textbooks and manuals will be provided for grades 1 and 8-9; in 2022 - for grades 1 and 10-11.

Within the framework of the same program, it is planned to publish the manual "Review of the History of Armenian Culture". It will be submitted electronically to professional institutions and Diaspora schools, for discussion and consideration of the opinions and remarks made during it.