Dear Compatriots,

the passing year was a year of new challenges, overcoming difficulties, unexpected realities.

The global catastrophe started in 2020 and is still going on, of which we didn’t stay apart. This was a new reality in public life and required urgent solutionsIt should be noted that in the conditions of the pandemic, every effort was spared to ensure the continuity of education and science, the activity of cultural and sports life, meeting the imperative of time, learning and initiating.

I should also note with pain that the year ended up for us with the realities of irreversible losses, re-evaluation of our thousand-year history and the present, building a new vision of the Motherland after 44 days of fighting against Azerbaijani-Turkish armed forces and confronting new challenges, strengthening faith for the future.

The 2020 was a turning point, historic and decisive, but also a sobering, ideological and spiritual rebirth that marked the beginning of a new phase of will and resilience. A beginning that should be based on love, kindness and tolerance, powerful education and science, art and sports. Let’s close the painful page of 2020 and cross the threshold of the coming year with new faith, optimism for the future, unified forces and unconditional readiness to enhance our Motherland.

Dear compatriots, representatives of education, science, culture, art, sports world, students and pupils,

Let 2021 be a year of a new quality of continuing education, reforms of the scientific-educational system, professional growth, priority of ideas, progress of cultural life, innovations, regular victories in sports, and, in general, a year of revival.

Let Kindness Be Our Way Through.