The RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports has sent a circular to the regional administrations, the Municipality of Yerevan, regarding the organization of full-time classes for 5-12-graders of the RA secondary educational institutions starting from December 7. According to the regulation provided earlier, a full-time educational process is organized for 1-4 graders, as well as for all classes of the communities that do not have intra-community transport. The circular notes that the decision was made jointly with the RA Ministry of Health. When organizing full-time lessons, general education institutions must comply with the requirements approved by the order of the RA Minister of Health 24-N of September 18, 2020.

At the same time, according to the circular, there are no restrictions on the guidelines approved at the beginning of the school year on the “Organization of Activities in General Education Institutions in Conditions of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)", except for the provision on the division of class groups with more than 20 pupils. The same applies to high schools operating under the Ministry's authority, as well as non-state educational institutions.

Note that according to the Decree of the Minister of Health, the educational institution must provide:

  • availability of antiseptic / sanitizers meant for the treatment of masks, hands and surfaces; hand hygiene products,
  • availability to wash hands with running water with arm or foot control taps (if not possible, ensure the availability of sanitizers),
  • closed-lid waste disposal bins marked "used masks”; sensor or foot pedal bins,
  • remote temperature check.

Employees at high risk of developing severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the age of 65 or over may work remotely provided with their written consent.

Risk group children will continue their distance learning through centralized distance education.

A separate approach will be used for each school, depending on the number of outbreaks in the school։ in case the infection rate is more than 10%, according to the established health rules, the school will again switch to distance learning.