Dear Pupils,
These days you can use your holidays more purposefully and efficiently by supporting the initiatives with the slogans “School for the army” and “We are our borders”.
Several organizations are accepting waste paper, plastic and glass containers. The proceeds from recycling paper, plastic and glass containers are transferred to the “Hayastan all-Armenian Fund”.

Almost all types of paper waste are accepted. Preference is given to thinner and white papers․
Below is the list of organizations receiving:
Paper: ISSD, “Eco Aghb”, “Smart Apaga”, “CleanLand” LLC, “Vazgen Abgaryan” LLC.
Plastic: ISSD, “Clean Goris”, “Smart Apaga”, “AM-ESKA”, “Eco Aghb”, Proper Plastic, “CleanLand” LLC, “Armplast” LLC.
Glass: ISSD, “Eco Aghb”, “Smart Apaga”.

The addresses and telephone numbers of the organizations are available on the website:
Map of the organizations to find the nearest company to your community

The waste collection and disposal activities can also be organized through schools.