Announcement for Higher Education Researchers

“Bologna with stakeholders eyes, for a stronger future of the Bologna Process” in order to support the implementation of European Higher Education Area reforms

  • The main objective of this proposal is to develop “Bologna with Students Eyes” publication targeted to the implementation of EHEA reforms.

Brief summary: Bologna with Students’ Eyes is a publication developed and issued by the European Students’ Union (ESU). The publication is a reality-check of the policies and measures implemented on the national level to execute the commitments of the Bologna Process. The aim of this report is to address the view of students and how the implementation affects them directly. ESU, through this publication, has been overseeing the implementation and contributing to its review using different methodological approaches and launched prior to each Ministerial Conference, since 2003.

In the framework of the Project the following tasks and activities should be performed by the researchers:

  • Review of the methodology and questionnaires developed by the students’ unions.
  • Review of the quantitative charts provided with the data from the questionnaires.
  • Accurate comparison of the provided quantitative and qualitative data with the methodology and current situation.
  • Provision of the proof for the content provided.
  • Provision of the comparability of the content with the national legislation, as well as, with the EHEA commitments.
  • Provision of the necessary recommendations in line with the Bologna Implementation Report, to be published for the upcoming EHEA Ministerial Conference.
  • Accurate provision of the references and sources.
  • Development of the executive report “Bologna with Students’ Eye”.
  • Provision of proof reading of the Report.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in higher education /international experience is preferred/
  • Overall knowledge of the Bologna Process
  • C2 level of English
  • Capability of statistical and methodology analysis
  • Ideally an understanding of KA 2 projects/Erasmus Projects
  • Ability to work remotely with the international researchers
  • Availability to have bilateral meetings with ESU repsentatives, and possibly the authors of each chapter.

Duration: till December 2020

Selection: the CV of the candidates both in Armenian and English should be sent to by July 30.

The candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to an interview.