Due to the new coronavirus and the emergency circumstances, 12 libraries operating under the RA MoESCS have been connecting with readers daily through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram) since March 16, 2020. The fight against the infection has become a forced opportunity to introduce new tools, identify the potential of librarians and readers, and diversify the work.

Libraries offer Armenian and foreign language projects, digital and audio-visual materials to organize the entertainment of the readers, to encourage self-education and to continue the educational process at home.

Among the projects implemented by the libraries are: “Once upon a time”, “Online reading”, “Explore our region”, “Let's defeat the virus with a laugh”, “Press review: What the press wrote 100 years ago, this day”, “We condemn and demand: 105th anniversary of the Genocide”, “Private Library: How to organize it” tips from librarians, “Computer Consulting”, “Month of Western Armenian literature”, “Emergency guests” and others. The library programs are combined on the common Facebook platform "From home to museum and library". The publications can be found with the hashtags #Library_in your_home#Stay_at home_read book#.

The project "We are by your side" is being implemented for the elderly, as a result of which they are provided with books without endangering their health. The educational and cultural programs of the libraries have provided great interest and views on the Internet.

These days, the number of visitors to the Facebook pages of the libraries has increased by 17,408, becoming 57,652. 4864 publications of online programs provided 4 million 863 thousand views.