Dear students and young people,

I congratulate you once again for emphasizing and appreciating your place and role in the life of our society. It is no coincidence that in the Republic of Armenia the Students and Youth Day is celebrated on the day of the foundation of the “mother” university - Yerevan State University. 104 years ago, the foundation was laid for the process of forming civic consciousness through higher education, the direct carriers of which were students and youth.

You are the transformers of our reality, pioneers of innovations and new ideas, the developers of your community and the driving force for the society. And taking into account your invaluable role in the formation and progress of the State, the Government of the Republic of Armenia implements various programs and projects aimed at youth policy, identification and development of youth potential, proper realization of the right of students to education, creation of new educational opportunities.

Dear students and young people, I wish you the desire to work, be creative, endless optimism and initiative on the way of realizing your dreams. You are strength: use your opportunities to do the important work of making the world and our country a better place, starting from your place of residence and educational institution here and now.

Let Kindness Be Your Way Through.