Member of the Armenian national weightlifting team Raphael Harutyunyan (81 kg) took third place at the European Championships in Yerevan with a double-event result of 337 kg (150+187 kg) and became a bronze medalist.

In the snatch, the Armenian weightlifter successfully performed only the second approach, holding the 150 kg barbell and showing the 4th result in this exercise. In the snatch, a small bronze medal was awarded to the weightlifter of Armenian origin Hmayak Misakyan representing Austria with a result of 151 kg.

In the clean and jerk, the Armenian weightlifter won a small silver medal by lifting a barbell weighing 187 kg.

In this weight category, the title of European champion was won by the representative of Italy Oscar Martinez Reyes with a result of 343 kg in the double event.

RA ESCS Deputy Minister Karen Giloyan performed the awarding of the clean and jerk exercise.