By order of the RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, 5 Yezidi language teachers were awarded certificates of appreciation.

ESCS Deputy Minister Araksia Svajyan presented certificates of appreciation of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports to the Yezidi language teachers for their contribution to the field of education and upbringing.

The Deputy Minister thanked the teachers for their dedicated work, urging them to stay at school and continue their pedagogical mission.

“Your example of educating generations can be contagious for all representatives of national minorities, who are also given the opportunity to preserve their national values and culture,” said A. Svajyan.

The teachers thanked for the appreciation, emphasizing that education is the foundation of all nations, and Armenia is the only country in the world where Yezidi is taught in public schools.

During the meeting, the teachers asked the Deputy Minister questions related to the field of general education. Araksia Svajyan urged to apply for voluntary certification and, thus, be able to receive an additional payment.

The Chairman of the “Education, Science, Culture, Sports and Yezidi Settlements” NGO Hassan Tamoyan accompanied Yezidi language teachers.